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Gay Fathers and their Children

by on Jun.07, 2019, under Interviews


What does it take to be a Dad? Where does being a parent fit into a relationship? Four fathers and some of their children are present for this special look at gay parents, the roles, responsibilities and day-to-day lives.

“It’s more than a desire — it’s a drive or a feeling that’s awake in us, that we want to share, that we want to bring the next generation along, not necessarily in our own image – to have an influence on the next generation.”

Four Dads from the Ann Arbor / Detroit Metropolitan area: Tom is a math teacher at a Plymouth High School, Mark a systems analyst at Ford Credit, Mike an engineer and director at an automotive supplier in Auburn Hills, and Dennis is a professor in the communications department at Eastern Michigan University.

“It brought me closer to my family, because now we had something in common that we didn’t have in common before…. being a parent. It helped draw me closer to my parents.”

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