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by on May.23, 2019, under Interviews

Linda Haywood (a retired hospital administrator)  and Ryan Haywood (lawyer) are two people who attend a church in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA). They’re not politicians, they’re not gay, and they’re not church officials – but they are a thoughtful church-going couple who felt that gays, lesbians, and transgendered folk need to be welcomed in their place of worship. How do you start a movement and influence an entire congregation?

….We welcome and affirm all persons. We are intentional in being inclusive of those of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender orientations, all genders, ethnicities, nationalities, and abilities. In modeling the ministry of Jesus Christ, we shall all journey together into full participation in the life of the United Methodist Church and a closer relationship with God.

-Welcoming Statement from Rainbow Crossing 2009

This interview includes a simple review of several religions and their public stance on homosexuality, transgendered/gays/lesbians and a detailed discussion on the United Methodist Church and the church’s law.

This is big.”

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